Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some People I Just Do Not Understand

In this case it is the series of 'family values', meaning anti-gay or sexual behavior obsessed, Republican who have violated their own declared behavioral standards.

We have seen:

Mark Foley who spent his time chatting up almost and recently legal young men who had served as pages.

Glenn Murphy Jr., One time Chairman of the Young Republicans, who appears to have developed a habit of sexual assaulting other men in their sleep.

David Vitter, who sought 'professional help' for his diaper fetish.

We have a one time Bush administration spiritual advisor, Ted Haggard, who enjoyed the pleasures of male prostitutes and illegal drugs.

Coy C. Privette, one time Republican state legislator in North Carolina, and president of Christian Action League, caught with a pro in a N. Carolina hotel.

Rep. Bob Allen of Florida, who was caught offering to pay other men for the opportunity to preform fellatio on them in a public restroom.

And we add Sen. Larry Craig who, like Bob Allen, seems to have found the allure of public restrooms and other men irresistible.

While I do not understand these men, I do find them objectionable. It is not their sexual activity that I find that objectionable. It is their hypocrisy.

If they want to wear soiled diapers, or date young men (of legal age) or have paid or anonymous sexual liaisons, that is their business. If they are attracted to men, or women, or both, is no matter to me.

What does matter is the gross hypocrisy of trying to enact laws against the very behaviors that they are caught engaging in.

Folly promotes laws to make the Internet 'safe' then uses it to work his way into the lives of young pages. Craig, and Allen, and Haggard work to deny homosexuals civil rights, and then engage in homosexual activity.

If these men had embraced the view that every person's sexual lives is no ones business, I would argue that these are non stories. But each has made their name by insisting that a person should be defined, at least in part, by their sexual behavior or orientation. And if your orientation or desires ran counter to their view of normal, you must also then be denied rights to some civil protections.

In each case, they are now get to reap what they sow, and while I do not understand these fools, I can enjoy the absurd positions they have put themselves into.


Lynne said...

I completely agree.

And when is the last time you heard of a female undercover officer going out to bust lesbians?

david said...

Very interesting argument. I find it hard to disagree with.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy seems to be the unpardonable sin here. During the Clinton years, all we heard was that everyone lies about sex and what a person does in private is nobody's business. Those who supported Clinton and are now pointing there fingers at Craig and calling for his resignation are the real hypocrits.

John said...

When did Clinton ever politically position himself by attacking the sexual lifes of others?

Contrast that with the actions of the others listed in the post.

That is the difference.

I would also note that those calling for Craig to leave the Senate are mostly on the Right. So you appear to be wrong on that point. Few if any on the left have demanded that he resign. I have noticed that while some on the Right are demanding he leave ( and,, again almost no one on the left) it is not nearly are many of those on the right who attacked Clinton (but were very quiet about Viters adultry).

So we get three-fer on the hypocrisy from the right, and none on the left.

Very funny stuff

Deacon Tim said...

It seems likely that the reason that Vitter has gotten a free ride from the Republicans is that if he resigns, a Democratic governor would appoint his replacement, likely throwing his seat to the Dems. Craig comes from a "safe" Republican district, so the morality police could appear upright, while still protecting their Senate seats. It will be interesting to see if the Idaho voters buy this cynical tactic.

Beatnik said...

Well the Sheople of Idaho will buy anything proposed by someone with an R next to their name. There are so many people here who do not "get it".
The deflectors are already out there saying, "What he does in his private life is his business." While he uses his business card like a get out of Jail free card and uses his position saying, "What do you think about that?" Obviously abuse of the position, abuse of his power, I’m just glad the officer didn’t waiver in his position.
I think someone in the media needs to ask Larry Craig if he is Bi-sexual. He uses the angry response, I am not Gay, never been Gay, I don’t do those kinds of things."
I can tell you the reason he is stepping down. It’s not because of any pressure to do so. It is because he will be exposed for the Lying Hypocrite he is. He has already called out the media as a lying viscous attacker. They will bury him and any career he hopes to retain. That’s the nature of the Media. If you are their friend, the story is reported and goes away. You make an enemy; they will hunt you like a pack of Dogs until every stone of your life has been exposed. There will be more to come on Larry. Stay Tuned.