Monday, May 09, 2005

The US was not founded as a Christian nation.

This needs to be repeated; The United States was not founded as a Christian nation. But like Florida swampland, there always seems to be someone out there trying to sell that lie to some sucker.

In the fashion of those who don't like the truth, this lie is being told and retold in an effort to change the past. This should be laughable, but when Kelly Martin, a Kansas School Board member can say "We can't ignore that our nation is based on Christianity and not science." and not be challenged, all bets are off.

It is clear that for some facts no longer matter, just proper dogma. But Facts, and history, do matter.

The United States is a representative republic, established by a variety of men, including Christians, Deist, freemasons, and others. It was designed to isolate the government from the church, and the church from the government.

Many of out great leaders and thinkers, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Paine, Adams expressed opinions about Christianity that are clearly outside the definition that most accept. The 1968 Encyclopedia Britannica went as far at to point out that not one of our first 5 presidents were Christians, by orthodox definition.

There is no mention of God, in any form, in the constitution We find No mention of Jesus or the Bible in the Constitution of the Declaration of Independence, not in any of our founding documents. The law putting 'In God we Trust' onto money was not passed till the early 1900s. This phrase was not added to paper money until after World War II. It was the fear of Commies during the cold war that inspired adding 'Under God' to the pledge.

History is clear, but that will not stop those who need this lie. If the road to control means claiming that we were founded as a Christian nation, that is what they will do, no matter what the truth is.


matthew said...

im not replying to the nation foundation thing i live in kansas and well if you like science then you should look up Dr. Kent Hovind and as you will find out the lie you should be reporting is the lie of evolution. Science points to creation. Evolution is the religion. Creation is science however christianity is a religion the one and only true religion but dont take my word for it do research

John said...


I have done the research. ID (creationism) is a bad joke that will just lead to even dumber students.

Susan of LocalTint said...

"...a Kansas School Board member can say 'We can't ignore that our nation is based on Christianity and not science.' and not be challenged"

Ugh. What is the matter with Kansas? (I know, as an Alabamian, I have no room to talk). I love the implication that Christianity and science are mutually exclusive (Well--I don't love it, but you know..).

So...creationists don't believe in the theory of punctuation, either?

Frank said...

Great post. We've got to challenge someone every time he/she says that the U.S. was founded as a Christian nation.

Ashlee said...

"...God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground

without His notice is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?" These words

were spoken by Ben Franklin, a founding father, at the Constitutional Convention. In fact,

most of the fifty-five founding fathers who worked on the Constitution were members of

orthodox Christian churches and many were even evangelical Christians. The first official

act in the First Continental Congress was to open in Christian prayer, which ended in

these words: "...the merits of Jesus Christ, Thy Son, our Savior. Amen". Later, John

Quincy Adams answered the question as to why, next to Christmas, was the Fourth of

July this most joyous and venerated day in the United States. He answered: "...Is it not

that the Declaration of Independence first organized the social compact on the foundation

of the Redeemer’s mission upon earth? That it laid the cornerstone of human government

upon the first precepts of Christianity?" John Quincy Adams went on to say that the

biggest victory won in the American Revolution was that Christian principles and civil

government would be tied together in what he called an "indissoluble" bond. The practice

of the Christian religion in our government was not only welcomed but encouraged. The

founding fathers understood that Christianity was inextricably part of our nation and

government, and therefore founded this great nation as such.

Sounds pretty Christian to me...

Jon said...

The Ashlee, I strongly recomend you do some more study and get beyond cutting and pasting.