Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Brought Down

Another indicator that we are a very long way from any stability in any part of the Middle East or South Asia.

Just a guess; but I suspect that if we ever learn who was actually responsible we will learn it was a right wing religious extremist group that was aided by a few members of the Pakistan's state intelligence or security apparatus.


Anonymous said...

I would not take that bet. This must be the explanation else why would the current Paki leadership 1) destroy the evidence, 2) not insist on an autopsy and 3) has begun spinning new versions every hour... The true killer will turn out to be Musharraf and his henchmen from State Security.

Silence Dogood said...

Yeah, no taker's on that bet here either. I heard this morning the "official explanation" of her head hitting the bumper of the car after the explosion is probably not going to hold much now that there is recorded evidence of her being shot three times prior to the explosion even going off.

John said...

This is just a feeling, based on the evidence I have seen.

It still sounds like a governmental cover-up of a extra-governmental action. I still am not sure that Musharraf, or his inner circle was involved (the suicide bombing aspect is why), but it is clear that they are involved in a cover-up of some sort.
It is also becoming clear that finding the truth is highly unlikely, but that I also expected.