Saturday, January 03, 2009

They Lie Like Rugs

Since the moment that the Discovery Institute lost its Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case ( the lawsuit that beat back the efforts to force a scientific lie onto the children of the Dover area ) the fine folks behind the effort to sell Intelligent Design to the schools of the United States have been trying to spin their defeat as the result of anything but it's base cause; The idea they are trying to sell (Intelligent Design) is a silly fantasy with no scientific basis.

Their most current effort has been an attack on one of the expert witnesses. As is the normal case when dealing with these people, the attack is BS and is quickly debunked.

The scientific reality, of course, is entirely different. First, there’s a perfectly good reason why I compared the clotting treatment in Pandas to Darwin’s Black Box (DBB). They are indeed nearly identical, and that’s because Behe himself wrote both of them. Second, Behe actually did state that the entire pathway is irreducibly complex in DBB. Casey might have skipped over those pages, but I didn’t. Third, as a result, the absence of any components of the cascade in any organism is indeed a direct contradiction of Behe’s formulation of ID. And finally, even Luskin’s “irreducible core” has fallen apart as the result of the most recent research findings on the system.

Casey seems to forget — or to ignore — the fact that Behe has never even attempted to do any scientific research to show that he is right. He ignores the fact that ID’s critics have produced a boatload of research showing Behe to be wrong while Behe himself has done no research on the system that might support Luskin. As a result, his attempts at rehabilitating the clotting cascade as an “icon” of ID are a complete failure. So, for the umpteenth time, let’s go through this again

Read the whole bit, it is quite good.


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