Monday, January 29, 2007

Business Evolution

As business grow up they change to meet the need of their clients. They may add service, change they way they operate, even develop totally new business models. Sometimes this can evolution can lead to the death of a business. A discount clothing chain that keeps adding customer services, and raising their prices to cover the cost of these services may eventually no longer be a discount store. The fact that the discount cloths are now priced in the same range as the name brand stores will likely kill them.

Over the last few weeks I have noticed an interesting evolution in a business that is as old as time.

Gentleman's clubs are evolving. In a couple of cities I have been driving through, on their marquees, some have started promoting a new reason to visit their establishment.

In the past this may have been discount or free admission, cheap drinks, Video Star dancers and even lunch or dinner buffets, but this latest twist strikes me as a little odd.

Come into our strip club and watch sports.

I have seen playoff football games, big basketball games, and now even WWF wrestling used as come-ons to get people into the clubs. They are promoting the number of big screen TVs, the sound systems and other techno issues to get men to come into a club that, is appears, still offers nude dancing girls, but only when there isn't something better on TV.

My how have times changed. In the past the lure used to get men to come in and spend money in these clubs were the unclothed woman and the exotic, erotic dancing taking place only a few feet away. Now the lure is the chance to see sweaty men, shown in amazing high-def with surround sound, jumping up and down on each other.



Lynne said...

Aren't women just objects of sport anyway?

Anonymous said...

then again ... isn't a guy's dream?

if there's nothing good on tv, turn around in your chair and look at a beautiful naked woman?


John said...

good point eric ..... and lynne