Friday, January 19, 2007

Interesting And A Little Unsettling

China Tests A Satellite Killer

China has given notice of its increasing power in space - and provoked widespread international concern - with a successful test of an anti-satellite weapon that could be used to knock out enemy surveillance and communications craft.

15 years ago, with the fall of the Soviet Union, there was an effort to make China our next big enemy. At that time is was a silly notion. While China did have a large army, they lack the means to effectively project power much beyond their own borders.

Things sure have changed.

For years US corporations have poured manufacturing resources into the country at an amazing rate, while American consumers have filled China's banks. Western industry, both heavy and high tech, are making huge contributions to the skill level and manufacturing base of the nation, and we have been shipping hundreds of billions of dollars a year to them. This has allowed them to achieve an unprecedented level of growth and development, scientific, industrial and for their military.

By our own efforts to find cheap labor, and a way to finance our low taxes and debt, we have made the silly proposition of 1991 a reasonable concern of 2007. Lenin was alleged to have said that capitalist would sell the rope that would be used to hang him. In the case of our relationship with china, he may be proven to be correct.



Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the missle technology given to China in exchange for campaign contributions to the reelection of Bill Clinton.

John said...

I assuem you are talking about the Hughes Electronics Corp mess.

Well, what did I say about US Companies being willing helpers in this in their mad dash to find 'lower cost'.

Anonymous said...

I had Johnny Chung in mind.

John said...

Chung is a total non story compared to Hughes and the massive number other tech transfers (both legal and questionable) that have been going on for the last 15 or so years.

5 years probation, and 35 thousands dollars in illegal funds(with no defined return transfer of tech) is less than a blip.

Anonymous said...

We fought for 15 years in Vietnam, killed 3 million people, and lost to the communists. To make up for that, we sold our country to them for some cheap wall-mart plastic junk and low wage jobs and are busy borrowing billions from them every day so we can do our warmongering all over the planet. So they own us. What gives us the right to decide who can and can't fire missles, we do it whenever we want to and don't ask the worlds' permission. While we play King of the World, the bankers laugh at us and for good reason. Long live Bu$hco.