Monday, June 11, 2007

Gallup Confirms, The Majority Of Republicans

Are idiots.

The majority of Republicans in the United States do not believe the theory of evolution is true and do not believe that humans evolved over millions of years from less advanced forms of life.

This is a great debate to follow, and regular visits to science blogs, like pharyngula, make it fun and easy to learn.


The overwhelming stupidity of theist republicans also extends to US History


furiousBall said...

"Stupidity is the basic building block of the universe." - Frank Zappa

BadTux said...

So Republicans are blocks? Block-HEADS, maybe...

JMC said...

Hi. I am a republican (currently, but leaning toward libertarian, but that is neither here nor there) who believes in evolution to a point. Remember guys, it's still a THEORY. It hasn't been proven. Thus we speak in terms of "belief," like we do with religion.

Evolution makes scientific sense. To a point. For example, how do you think something as complex as an eye evolved? It's extremely complex and it either works or it doesn't. It can't really "evolve" per se.

I think there is still a lot to learn and that what we learn will greatly change our THEORY. Someday, some aspects of the theory will undoubtedly become scientific fact, but other aspects will certainly be discarded.

By the way, you misspelled "gallup."

John said...

Thanks for the comment (and gallup note, I will edit).

In science theroy mean much more than you give it credit for... much much more.

It means that vast aspects of the concept have been tested and have passed these tests.

As to eye evolution, that arguments has been busted for years and years. it is actually quite well documented how that would work.