Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sen. Graham (R-SC)

gets a little attition from Firedoglake.

They make a very good point. For a man who is said to have no ambition for a higher office, he sure gets a lot of face time with the national media.


Silence Dogood said...

I read the piece, and think it is too much grasping at straws - not as to anything dealing with the good Senator's orientation - but more so the theory itself is rather bunkish. He notes Graham has been doing this "year after year" with no hopes for higher office. The guy hasn't even been a U.S. Senator for one term yet - and even still many people think he really yearns to be V.P., he had a very good chance to be on the U.S. Supreme court if he had wanted and a lot of people believe he is such a staunch supporter of McCain in hopes of an invitation to the ticket. By this theory (as there are only really 2 higher offices than U.S. Senator) there are a lot of gay U.S. Senators out there because so many are A. in office and B. do the talk show circuit - and are unlikely at this time to reach higher office. Graham may well be on the don't ask don't tell policy - but this theory holds very little water.

John said...

I have wondered why he kept working on getting such a high profile while not appearing to define if he has greater designs, and if so what.

I do wonder about the line of though about his aiming for VP, and the warm glass of spit that it is.

Silence Dogood said...

Gettting a high profile before could have been for the 1 term he has run for thus far as Senator. As for the V.P. itself, yes indeed - not necessarily worthwhile (though Cheney was arguably a de facto pres for much of the time between 2001-to mid 2006. However of 42 persons who have served as our 43 Presidents 14 of them were previously VP's