Friday, September 28, 2007

Geese and Ganders

Our two towering paragons of virtue, Senators DeMint and Graham, were among those who were oh so eager to denounce Move On for a pun. They joined the whole of the Republican membership of the Senate (and a collection of weak willed Democrats) and participated in this absurd political Kabuki in an effort to score a few popularity points by pretending to defend the honor of our armed forces by passing a resolution that said in part:

2) to strongly condemn any effort to attack the honor and integrity of General Petraeus and all the members of the United States Armed Forces;

Now we have the chance to see if they were really serious about this. For if they were it would mean that they would now have to aggressively lead an effort to pass a condemnation of Rush Limbaugh for his anti-armed forces rant.

On his radio show yesterday, right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh attacked the “honor and integrity” of some members of the Armed Forces. Limbaugh attacked troops who hold a different viewpoint than his own as “phony soldiers.”


I strongly recommend that you not hold your breath waiting for their action. Our Senators have shown a strong partisan streak that makes it clear that the actions of those on the left, if they are an effort to overturn their political goals must be condemned, but those exact same actions on the right (the questioning the impartiality and honesty of members of the armed forces) are just fine.

It goes back to the rule of ethics and political discourse that has existed for at least the last 10 years at least, IOALAYAAR. (It's OK as long as you are a Republican)


Anonymous said...

I am surprised a fine fellow as yourself would be passing on this lie (see your own subtitle). This is nothing but a smear campaign to try to deflect attention from the Betray Us add.

Check out the facts before you participate in smear.

John said...

I have heard the tape, it very clear that Rush is degrading the troops who he doesn't agree with.

Sorry, but the argument is valid, and if one group is to be condemed for supposed anti troops, so should all others who make like statements like Rush (and Fox news).

It is funny how some folks can be so ill-informed as to make absurde statements like 'passing on this lie' when there is actual audio where you can hear his statement.

It is good for a laugh, but not much else.

Anonymous said...

I guess we hear what we want to hear. I also heard the tape and read the transcript.

The key word is "context". In context, Rush was refering to Jesse MacBeth.

Say what you want about Rush, but I think you would have a hard time supporting your arguement that he anti the troops.

John said...

No Rush is only anti-anti war troops

Silence Dogood said...

I don't know when these comments were posted, but Anon, if the thread isn't too old for you to still read it. But just curious, if you read the transcript did you read the whole one, or the one that was edited (the one on Rush's site) to make it look like his "phony soldier" comments were several paragrahps closer to the one's about McaBeth? Why would he do that???