Thursday, September 06, 2007

Why The Surge Will Fail

and confirmation that billions of dollars were spent for nothing.

Those are the lessons to learn from the Independent Commission on Security Forces in Iraq

We have spent billions building the police forces in Iraq, and the result:

Iraq's Interior Ministry is regarded as "dysfunctional and sectarian," and the National Police should be "disbanded and reorganized,"

So, time to spend a few billion more.

And, what tells us that the surge will fail?

Iraq's armed forces won't be ready to perform independently during the next 18 months.

We have been promised a viable and effective Iraqi army was only a year a two away for 4 years now. It is very clear that at this time Iraq is unable to hold any of the gains the US forces make during the surge.

The end result for the people of Iraq; A period of improvement that last only as long as US troops are present. If troops move on there will be rapid decline into violence that the Iraqi army is unable to prevent.


Anonymous said...

There has been no "period of improvement" for Iraqis. It has all been a steady march towards hell on earth.

John said...

Unfortunatly, in the big picture, you are absolutly correct. The 'periods of improvement' are simply related to very local periods stability. A stability enforced by a massive display of US power.

Once that power moves on, it is back to hell

Lynne said...

But Halliburton's stock is up.

Beatnik said...

What does Troop Surge have anything to do with Halliburton?

Anonymous said...

I'm no corporate conspiracy theorist, but I think Lynne may be referring to the fact that since they serve in many of the non-military related support roles for the troops, the more troops that are in Iraq and the longer they are there the more money Halliburton stands to make, and since our reasons for being over there are getting more and more tenuous every day, the thought, "hmmm, somebody has to benefit, and it sure as hell isn't us, so what are we doing there?" may be starting to cross even more level headed people's minds.