Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Irmo High School Does Well

The district school board has made a good first step and have agreed to allow the creation of a GSA club at Irmo High. They have also taken a very good second step in the effort to increase parental involvement by assuring that parents have the ability to block their child participation in clubs that they object to.

Now the district needs to take one last sept and it is an act of kindness and mercy. Relieve the principal of any conflict, pressure or concerns he may have about the GSA club operating on campus, and remove him from the school at once. He is either to bigoted or to stupid and be in charge of any educational system.



Anonymous said...

This whole flap is EXACTLY why we need to find a way to SHUT DOWN all 'public education' (aka liberal indoctrination camps) and stop confiscating money from property owners to fund institutionalized immorality.

Folks, homeschooling works. Homeschooled students FAR out-perform their government-schooled counterparts in college. Unionized teachers give us a clue as to why this is.

Stop the madness.

Network said...

Homeschooling works, for about 15-20% of the kids who are forced into this mistake. Far to many homeschoolers are hopeless at Science, Forgien Languages, and most other higher level subjects.

All homeschooling is (for most of it's victims) is a fast track to longterm academic failure

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