Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why A Lie A Day

I have been asked in emails,more than a few times, why I named this blog "A Lie A Day". I tell them full full explanation can be found in the third definition; The Primary tool of politics used by Republicans. A few of those on the right have challenged me on this, stating that my inference that Republicans were serial liars was unfair.

I was driven to blogging during the 2004 election because it seemed to me that every day a new lie was being promoted as fact by someone on the right. During the last four years the Bush administration has furthered the impression that lies are standard issue tools of Republicans. They have use lies as their primary, often only, tool of statecraft. They lie to our allies, they lie to the congress and the lie to us, about just about everything.

And early indications from the McCain camp make it clear that this is another Bush policy that McCain has every intention of continuing. Today one of McCains top adviser told a huge lie about Obama and his tax policy.

It is nothing new, just standard Republican behavior. The fact that the media doesn't challenge these lies is also not new. One would hope after their disastrous performance in the run up to the Iraq war, they would have learned better, but they are still more like tape recorders than real investigators.


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