Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Iraq Is Still Aflame

The news coming from Iraq doesn't appear to change much from day to day.

The only time that it attracts much notice now, is when the death toll is massive and unignorable.

A powerful car bomb exploded in central Baghdad early Tuesday morning near a crowd of mostly Shiite day laborers, killing 59 people and wounding 149, Lt. Col. Mahmoud Abdul Aziz of the Iraqi Interior Ministry said.

In a separate incident in Mosul, a television cameraman working for the Associated Press was gunned down and killed while filming clashes between insurgents and police, the wire service reported.

It is a rare day when so many die at one attack. Most days the death toll is now the result of dozens of small attacks. Even when we don't get the graphic reminder that we got today, we must remember that while our government is focused on efforts that should have been in place years ago or finding experts who will tell us what we want to hear, we need to remember that every day hundred of Iraqis are dying. And as long as we continue to wander about without a viable plan this will not change.


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