Monday, December 11, 2006

Professional Incompetence

A few months ago it was discovered that many of those in leadership positions in our war on a battle tactic were clueless about the most basic details of the middle eastern conflict that we were sitting in the middle of.

It appears that at least one incoming Democratic leader is almost equally unequipped to offer true leadership.

In an interview with the editor on national security for Congressional Quarterly, the incoming Democratic chairman for the House Intelligence Committee was unable to answer "fundamental questions" related to the Middle East

This is inexcusable. I might have some degree of understanding if this were 1996, but we have been at war in this region for 5 years now. To not know the basic of who they players are, and how they interact by now shows an enormous degree of disinterest, or stupidity.

It is depressing to discover that so many of those who we send to DC to run the nation, are just not interested in doing it properly.



hfiend said...

You're wrong John. This would, oh wait this is US politics, should have been a huge issue even in 1996.

It's no wonder our foreign policy is so poor. It's no wonder DC types thought we'd be greeted as liberators, despite abandoning the Shi's and later the Kurds in movements against Hussein in the 90s.

Every member of our government should know of the Sunni-Shi'a divides in Islam; it's elementary. Additionally, every member associated with military, intel, or diplomatic issues should know the reality of MENA which is not so easily categorized into Sunni or Shi'a.

John said...

I agree that they all should... but in 1996 if a member of the house banking committee was unsure of the shia/sunni divide, I would give the a break.

But, after 5 years of war, for both outgoing and incomming members of the house inteligence commitee to be unable to explaine these facts, that is unexcuseable.