Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Wonder If They Will Just Follow The Brits Home

Dick Cheney has again displayed why he will be considered one of the worst VPs to ever hold the office. He has again returned to spouting the discredited and incredibility stupid idea that the fighters in Iraq will follow us home.

It is really not worth spending much time rebutting, but I would like to point out that the overwhelming majority of those involved in fighting in Iraq are fighting to evict us from their country so they can get busy killing each other without outside interference. When we leave, they will be consumed with their own issues, not concerned with finding access to the US.

But, even if you are dim enough to accept his position as valid

Since the British announced a 25% force reduction in Iraq are we not now safe? Since the Brits are leaving first, will not the Iraqis just follow them to England?


Deacon Tim said...

Of course the Brits were smart enough to actually engage the populace and win their trust. That's why their area, which while majority Shiite, has both sizable Sunni and Christian minorities. Of course they've got Gordon Brown. We've got Dick Cheney. Is it too late to cancel the Boston Tea Party?

Anonymous said...

They don't have to folloow the Brits home they are already there you dumbass! thanks to Bush they can't operate as freely here as in the UK (as yo would like to see) you hate filled moron.