Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jesus' Tomb Found

Or at least a tomb has been discovered, that if it is not some sort of archaeological prank, may have, at one time, been the final resting place for a group of people that included A Jesus and a Mary (or two).

This means that:

Another artifacts counterfeiter will soon be facing justice;


Some of the mythology that is the basis for portions of Christianity has been shattered;


There was actually some other persons who lived in this area durring a period covering over two hundred years, who were also named Jesus etc.

Since some of the names involved in this story are as common as Smith and Jones now, my bet would be on a case of mistaken identity.

At least this story has pushed Anna Nicole Smith to second or third in the ranking of news items for the day.


Deacon Tim said...

One other possibility: it's been a long time since Titanic and he's slummin' for a hit.

hamilcar said...

scientifically, there's a whole lot of things that scream 'hoax' in this.

eric said...

i'm not impressed.