Friday, February 02, 2007

Just A Stray Thought

On poetic justice.

in an effort to man this escalation of combat in Iraq; Every member of the executive branch that promoted the invasion, as well as their spouse and children who are of age, should go over to serve as a member of the infantry. Every talking head, op ed writer, lazy reporter, and think tank member who worked so hard to sell the war to the American public should get the same treatment.

They can all come home when when the war is over, or when they admit to their errors, apologise to the American public for their stupidity, return all pay they received while they were busy selling this war, and promise that, in the future, they will keep their militaristic fantasies to themselves.

Just a thought.



Shadowflyer said...

I wish I was young enough to sign up and serve. Defending liberty and freedom is the greatest honor anyone can accomplish. Having done so previuosly I would gladly do so again.
Through time and history there has always been those that serve, to keep those that would not, free and living the good life.

John said...

Unfortunalty, serving in Iraq is not defending liberty or freedom.

The effort in Afghanistan should have been our focus. Our leaders made the decision to abandon that effort, and enter into a ethnic nightmare, and we will be paying for this stupidity for a couple of generations.

dancewater said...

I think we should have a constitutional amendment that says all children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of anyone who votes for war (president on down) to serve the entire duration of the war. Applies to ages 22-32.

I don't think anyone under age 22 should be in the military.

Lynne said...

I'm reading A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn and am becoming convinced that all of our conflicts have been the middle and lower classes fighting to further the goals of the upper class. It is pretty obvious that is what is happening now. "Liberty" and "Freedom" are some of the rhetorical devices used to induce the masses to sacrifice themselves for the minority.
The elites are laughing at you.

Dean P said...

Maybe it would be good to follow the Starship Troopers model and say that only those who have been soldiers (or have children/parents in the military) can vote on military action. I agree completely that all those voting for war are the ones who don't face any consequences: they're not the ones whos kids will die, or the ones who will suffer economically when the economy tanks because of the money we spend on war. They should face consequences. Instead, to them, War is just like a board game, no different from any other business decision.