Sunday, March 04, 2007

Interesting Headlines

In Afghanistan there was an incident. A bombing and firefight has left 16 dead.

Here is how MSNBC reports the story:

'Complex' ambush on convoy in Afghanistan kills 16

A “complex” ambush involving a suicide car bomb and militant gunfire killed 16 Afghan civilians and wounded 25 people during an attack on a coalition convoy in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, officials said.

Clearly giving the impression that the civilians were killed by the militants.

Now to the BBC and how the international press is treating the story.

US troops kill Afghan civilians

An incident described by US forces in Afghanistan as a "complex ambush" has left 16 civilians dead. The incident occurred on the road from the eastern city of Jalalabad to Pakistan when a suicide bomber targeted a convoy, sparking a fire fight.

Thousands of local people took to the streets, accusing the Americans of deliberately firing on the civilians.

What a HUGE difference in how the facts are presented.

Of course there is no reason to accept the BBC's reporting over NBC's, until you consider this tid bit from the AP: US soldier deletes AP photographer's photos, threatens violence.

Following a suicide bombing and ensuing gunfight between Afghan militants and American soldiers on Sunday, a US soldier demanded that an Associated Press photographer delete his photos.

Based on the past behavior of the US military, the neverending efforts trying to cover up their mistakes, and the reaction of the local forces, it is a safe bet that at least some the the civilians killed were killed by US forces.

More importantly, it is clear the local population blames the US, and this is the path that will lead to Afghanistan becoming another Iraq.

More excellent work by both the US media and the US armed forces.


MarchDancer said...

There is no way at all that I have any faith left in my own U.S. Government - no faith at all. Those EU newspaapers and TV stations do no get together to tell their stories only to make the American newspapers and TV stations, and their reporters, appear to be liars. It doesn't happen that way. Our own government has ordered our paper and TV reporters to lie, to leave out important details, and to always make the U.S. look good and valiant. Hooey!

dancewater said...

the US media continues their program of "American exceptionalism" - and also hides the program of american expansionism in the middle east -to gain control of the resources of the area.

thank goodness for the internet, it is now possible to be informed in the USA.

Syd said...

Our media is so afraid to be critical of our military it's sick. Even those in military are critical of the military.

good catch on this one. You can probably find similar gaffs everyday if you look hard enough.

dancewater said...

major protests against the USA in Afghanistan today.

John said...

Not suprising, but so very disapointing. In Afghnistan we had the oppertunity that Iraq will neve avail to us, the abiliyt to create a western friendly slightly secular democratic government... and we pissed it away so George and Dick and Donald could have the war they really wanted.

Anonymous said...

And yet we have Bush claiming that people who protested against him recently in Latin America were paid off.

Is there anyone left in the universe who needs money to protest this man and his failed policies?