Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Notable Creationism Chatter

In the last few days there has been a notable uptick in chatter by and about creationist on some of my regular blog visits. First The Rev. Big Dumb Chimp noticed the work of one Nathan Bradford, and decided to try to educate the poor fellow, Nathan resisted this.

By chance Steve Reuland at Sunbeams From Cucumbers noticed another creationist, this one in the news with a bit of legal/ethical trouble.

One creationist who either is unable to understand scientific argument, or has made the choice to ignore it, and another who appears to be unable to live up to the standards he claims to hold.

Serendipitous, and unrealated, but it caught my notice anyway.


Brad Warthen said...

What's "CreationSim?" Is that one of those cool games where you create your own world full of people called "sims?"

John said...


No, just a typo