Friday, March 02, 2007

Sadly Typical Of Our Current Military

Only after the Armed Forces failing efforts in vet care is exposed by hte press does the military leap to action. They suddenly get busy to correct the years old situation. Two major steps are taken to address this national shame.

1. The military tell the troops to not talk to the media. A traditional step in any cover-ups.

2. They then fire the General in charge of the base. The only trouble is, this man had been in charge for only six months, and the decay at Walter Reed is far older than six months. The person most responsible for the state of the base is the past commander, or commanders. And what punishment will the past commander of Walter Reed face for allowing the current situation of the base to develop?

It appears he will be appointed as the new head of the Walter Reed.

Only in a George 'W' Bush administration would this foolishness make any sense

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