Wednesday, July 18, 2007

American Media, Clueless

In the Senate there was an effort to force a vote on establishing a time table for troop withdrawal from Iraq. The Democrats wanted this, and the Republicans did not. Democrats had enough votes to win, but the Republicans were filibustering it to block the vote.

So how does the St. Louis paper report this?

"Filibuster Fails to Force Iraq Vote."

To many of the media are just dumb and lazy. So a quick note for the Paper's editors.

It was the Republicans who were filibustering to block the Iraqi vote.

And, yes there is great irony is seeing all the Republicans who moaned, whined and cried for 5 years about how cruel the Democrats were for blocking up or down votes, now proudly blocking up or down votes

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foolme1ns said...

The media lies about the issues and always gives it a neoconservative spin. No surprise there.

I haven't seen too much though on the next step that Harry Reid took in pulling the defense bill off the floor until the republicans allow a vote.

Last I heard about this was Bush bashing Reid for not allowing a vote on the defense bill that would allow a 3.5 raise for the military, something that Bush specifically said he would veto if they did vote for it.

Interesting times.