Tuesday, July 03, 2007


But in no way surprised.

Bush lets one of his convicted evil minions go free.

It is one heck of a great system we have here: Break any law you want, obstruction investigations, lie to those investigating, and once your are brought to trial and become aconvicted felon, get released by the man who was in charge during the whole process.

It makes one wonder why the Bush administration is refusing to answer congressional subpoenas, since it is clear that Bush is willing to pardon criminal wrongdoing done in his name.

And there appears to have been a great deal of criminal wrongdoing in his name

Firedoglake covers this very well


Lynne said...

The emperor and his court are above the law. The madness of King George will last well past 2008.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Just when you think you can't find a bamboozle to top the last one pulled by this administration, they go for the gusto.

And it's interesting that Lynne used the word "emperor." I had some musings on the same thing at my place today....