Tuesday, February 26, 2008

OK, Who Is Telling the Truth

Sen. DeMint claims (in a foolishly partisan attack) that he has declared war on earmarks. A practice he denounces as wasting taxpayers’ money.

Next we hear from The State that Sen. DeMint is one of 13 in Congress that has given up 'pork'.

Now we have the Seattle Times reporting that Sen. DeMint was the leading pork distributer in the SC delegation, handing out over $30,000,000.00 in earmarks much of it to persons who have given over$53,000.00 to Sen. DeMint

So what is it? Is Senator DeMint the savior of the South Carolina taxpayer, or the fattest hog at the troff.

A hat tip to Palmetto State Progressive



Anonymous said...

Hey, I wanted to ask you something I have wondered about for a while. Do you have any idea why the State doesn't include blogs' URL's when they take their content? It's the only place I've ever seen that does that. Seems like a minor point, but you'd think if they were going to take the content to fill their pages, they'd at least tell readers how to find your blog.

John said...

Good Point. I suspect it is concern about keeping eyes on their pages (and the ad stream that results from that)

Anonymous said...

I agree with that interpretation. Which is one reason I declined to shed my anonymity for that opportunity. Seems they get a lot more out of the deal than the bloggers.