Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Voter Turnout, Again

Tuesday’s primaries held no real surprises. Barack won all three contests, quite easily, on the Democratic side. McCain swept the night as expected. In Virginia Huckabee did put up a bit of a fight, winning all the rural western counties, but McCain did win with a safe margin.

The real story is again voter turnout.

In DC the fact that democratic turnout was vastly higher than Republicans is not a shock. The fact that 20 democrats voted for every republican is a little spurising.

Maryland is also a democratic leaning state but a 3.5 to 1 ratio, democratic to republican, is still surprising. The Democrats beat the Republican turnout by almost half a million voters.

It is the once red, now clearly purple state of Virginia where the biggest surprise is found. Democrats turned out over twice as many voters as Republicans. A total difference of another half a million people.

All total, in yesterday’s primary, the democratic canadates drew almost a million more votes than the republicans in a total voter pool of only 2.5 million voters. In every election Hillary, who was beaten badly, still beat the Republican winner (McCain) by wide margins.

The trend of democratic and independent voter enthusiasm for Barack and Hillary continues.


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