Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Winners and Losers

Super Tuesday gave us a long list of winners. Obama and Clinton both have much to crow about. They each carried a numbers of states, their delegate count is very close and it is clear that the two person race in the Democratic Party has a while longer to go.

On the Republican side McCain is the clear winner (although it appears he will get less than 50% of the republican votes in his home state, that should make his a little nervous), and Huckabee appointed himself well in this home territory. John McCain has all but won the nomination. Unless he blows up, he will go to St. Paul with the votes in his back pocket.

The losers are Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.

Mitt continued his tradition of vastly underperforming for the amount of money spent. He did win a number of states, but not one that could be considered a major victory. For the republicans a trend we have seen has continued, the Democratic turnout in red and purple states is astounding.

In Alabama, Democratic and Republican turnout is about equal. In Arkansas Democrats drew about 80,000 more voters. In California, Hillary (who got 52% of the vote) may get more votes than all the republicans combined. Georgia, Clinton got beaten soundly, gaining only 31% of the vote, and still got more votes than Republican winner Huckabee. State by state the votes on the Democratic side are amazing. In Missouri 820,000 democrats voted, only 570,000 republicans; Oklahoma, 400,000 democrats 320,000 republicans, over 150,000 more democrats voted in Tennessee.

These numbers are frightening the heck out of the RNC.



Tim said...

It's been astounding. I hope we can maintain this level of enthusiasm through the fall.

John said...

That is the key