Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Administration's policy on Birth Control is correct

The Obama administration has taken action to make sure that Birth Control is included in all health insurance programs offered in this country. This wonderful news has offended some of the right, inducing cries of how this is both unfair to religious groups and how this is a war on the faithful. The convulsive backlash is both expected and dishonest, yet may result in the administration backing away from full implementation of this very smart policy.

This would be a huge mistake.

First, this is not unfair to religious organizations; it is holding them to the same standards that everyone else in the US is held to. It is about equity and liberty. Yes, some faiths do view birth control as something to be avoided, and for those of faith who do not want to use birth control are not compelled to. However, those who do want or need birth control will now have full insurance assisted access to it. The power in this relationship has been transferred from the institution who wants to deny birth control to the individual who now gets to make the final decisions themselves, and that defines liberty.

And as to the war on faith foolishness being promoted by the right wing and their media enablers consider this. Yes the Catholic church opposes this policy, and the Democratic party supports it; However, the Republican party favors the death penalty, opposes immigrants rights, supports and cheers on war in the middle east and hates all forms of social safety net programs ... all of these positions are opposed by the Catholic church and the Democratic party.

Leaving me to wonder, who is really at war with the faithful, for it sure doesn't look like is it the current administration.


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