Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Less Government Intervention?

The fine folks in the Republican Party (please include the the Tea Party and the rest of the conservative movement) are always screaming about wanting a smaller less intrusive government. But the actions of the GOP, what they support, what they oppose and what they constantly try to do, tell us a vastly different story. A story this cartoon illustrates perfectly:

For some reason, when the government wants (needs) to reduce pollution, or assure that when we harvest resources from our environment ( Oil , Natural Gas , etc )  that we do as little harm as we can, the government is overstepping is bounds and authority, destroying opportunity and imposing on our freedom. But according to the same right wing folks here in the US, if a woman want to use a contraceptive or end a pregnancy the government or even the individual’s employer should have the right to reduce and  restrict access to medical options, even demand the performance of invasive medical tests in the effort to block her options and restrict her ability to control her own body.
Where is the freedom or liberty in that? And please explain how this is a smaller less intrusive government.

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