Monday, February 13, 2012

Trying to understand the stupidity of the GOP

  It seems that the Republicans reflex to instantly and rabidly oppose anything that Obama proposes has put them in the position of trying to strip access to birth control from ALL women. I knew that this reflex was strong (if Obama wants it, let’s block it is the Conservative mantra), but I did not dare hope that this mental illness had advance this far.

Contraception, Birth Control, is for the overwhelming majority of adult Americans absolutely non controversial and an aspect of modern medical treatment that is universally appreciated (something like 98% usage at some time in life). Seeing a major American political party attack it is amusing for a number of reasons. The most obvious is it is odd to see a political party do something so dumb, and so sure to cost them votes from the middle of the electorate. The second reason fits within the broader culture war discussion.

The left has argued that the cullture war is actually the Republicans waging war on women and their rights to have the final say about their body. The right generally poo-poos and ignores this argument. This latest dust-up has made the dismissals of the Republicans seem even less credible, since the only benefit of making contraception more difficult to obtain will be in making a woman’s desire to have control when she has children more difficult. The Republicans have outed themselves as reactionary, radical and as doing just what the left has accused them of, waging war on women.

Their culture war has been, and is currently about establishing a societal Paternalistic Authoritarianism where the male leads all and the female is forced by society, circumstances and a lack of other options to do as there are told. A return to the “Father Knows Best”, “leave it to Beaver” world that never existed is their dream and they will continue this stupidity till they are politically exiled. Until then this stupidity will continue. Let’s hope this latest step by the Republicans will hurry their exile.

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