Thursday, March 13, 2008

Classic Republican Corruption

It seems that there is a real mess a-brewin in Philly.

Investigations indicate that the director of Housing and Urban Development has a friend in Philadelphia who had his eye on a piece of land. There was only one problem, the land was owned by the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

So, the director of HUD asked (told) the Philadelphia housing authority to cut a deal and transfer the ownership of the land to his friend. When the folks in Philly said, thank you but no, this propriety is to be used for the benefit of the many poor, not the well connected rich, Alphonso Jackson (head of HUD) got angry and then got busy working on his revenge.

E-Mails indicate that his form of revenge was to strip about $40,000,000.00 in Federal funds from the Philadelphia housing authority.

How typically Republican: When their efforts to work an insider deal that appears would benefit few, at the expense of many are blocked, they decide that the way to punish those who made the morally correct choice by striping funds from the disadvantaged in our society.

Disgusting, but in no way surprising.


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Syd said...

Man, you are so right. How many times do we have to hear about crap like this before the judicial systems step in and do something about it?

Oh, yeah, I forgot. The Republicans have already stripped the judicial systems of their integrity and run off the career staffers who consciously keep politics out of their decisions.

When will voters wake up and put these reprobates out on the street?