Friday, March 07, 2008

No Friday Links

I just have not had time to do much reading this week, but I did notice something about today's news reporting that just felt wrong.

Today there were 2 major terrorism incidents. In Iraq over 50 people were killed in a bombing, and in Israel, 8 people were gunned down in a seminary. What is disturbing is which story has had the lead all day.

In a nation where our armed forces are ultimately responsible for the security, where we have hundreds of thousands of citizens at risk, where we are spending millions of dollars an hour to keep calm, a land where for the last 5 years our government has kept telling us things are getting better, 50 people are blown up, and it can not stay on the front page of the news. And this is not just MSNBC, but CNN, and on and on and on. 8 people are killed in a nation where we have no direct responsibility for the population's safety and no troops directly exposure to risk, and it leads in the news, all day.

I am not sure what it means, but is sure leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


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