Monday, March 24, 2008

Issue Driven Christians and Habitual Dishonesty

There has been a quite fascinating little dust-up that allows all to see the serial dishonesty that some Christians are willing to engage in when their issue is involved. In this case it is evolution, a movie and the scientist who were interviewed for it.

In short, these self professed Christians created a phony movie and lied to the various scientist they wanted to interview about the nature of the project. When one of the main targets of the movie tries to attend a showing of the film, they refuse him entry and threaten him with arrest, and then lie about everything involved in the incident, what happened and why it happened.

Serial lying, from a group claiming to want to promote honesty fairness and in the end christian values.

They seem to have fallen into the trap that is all to common, believing that the ends justify the ends, and that since their cause is noble (at least in their twisted little minds) any action, no matter how vile, is justified.

In the end it just make them and by association all Christians (most especially those with some sympathy to their issue) look like liars and frauds and to be honest, idiots.


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