Monday, March 10, 2008

Where Is The Fire?

It happened again. Yesterday while driving home from Charleston, just south of the I-95 / I-26 interchange, I notice a spot in the distance behind me over in the left hand lane. I check back a little bit later and the spot is clearly a police car, moving fast. I check my speed, it is on cruise at just past 70, so I am safe, he must be after someone else.

Then the car passes me. It is the Isle of Palms police department.

We are a good 50 miles away from the Isle of Palms, I doubt he has any valid reason for his low level flight north. This is just a person who is in a rush, and 70MPH is just to restrictive. But they are not alone, it is clear that this officer is not the only one who knows that traffic laws just don't apply to them.


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