Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Acquaintance Recommends Expelled

Last night I had an acquaintance come up and tell me that there was a movie that I should go see. He said it was a powerful examination of science.

Within seconds of his recommendation it was clear that he was talking about Expelled. What he did not know is that I was far more aware of what was in, and , not in Expelled. This guy is not religious, but is a huge anti climate change nut and this attack on science fed right into that foolishness. He loved much of the film, until I took it apart, bit by bit.

By the time we had quit talking, he was, at least as expressed to me, no longer a big fan on the attack on evolution in the movie but still wanted to see an expelled type of film done about climate change.

This one conversation does confirm one of my concerns about this tripe. The film not only rings true to the under educated religious right, but also to the general anti science crowd. We will now see the climate change, vaccination and many other anti-science groups use aspects of this piece of trash to buttress their flawed thinking.

Just another step toward drooling stupidity.


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Anonymous said...

Now get him to see "A Flock of Dodos," which is what "Expelled" was made to respond to.