Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Stupid or Dishonest?

I know I have used this phrase a number of times, with a number of public officials, but it applies oh so often. In this case, Sen. Graham's overblown cheerleading for the war in Iraq (and the Petraeus and Crocker testimony in congress) is perfect example of a man who is clueless about the truth, or willing to lie to support his past and current beliefs.

When you listen to Graham you get the feeling of great success and overwhelming victory, but when you listen to the officers in charge you get a much more restrained, nuanced and ultimately somber review:

This approach does not allow establishment of a set withdrawal timetable, however it does provide the flexibility those of us on the ground need to preserve the still-fragile security gains our troopers have fought so far and sacrifice so much to achieve.

We have not won, we are not kicking Al-Qaeda's rear. We are, at best, fighting a holding position that offers little hope for long term improvement. The problem is, Graham (and McCain and Lieberman and many others) fails to recognise that the key to victory is not on the field, but within the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. Until the people of Iraq embrace their government, until the Iraqi government becomes viable, functional, and semi-competent, there is no way the surge will work. And all of the cheerleading and pretending that all is well just makes those who engage in this foolishness look either stupid or dishonest.

So, Sen Graham, what is it, do you truley not understand the nature of the conflict and just how remote that chance is that we will 'win', or are you lying to us?


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Anonymous said...

I used to wonder the same thing about Rick Santorum. I finally came to understand that he's completely evil, but much less effective now that he's out of government.

I like Graham, even though I disagree with him on almost every issue. But he's pure politician, no doubt about it, and I think he's hitched his trailer to Iraq, especially after the immigration reform debacle that almost got him kicked out of the He-Man Woman Haters Club. I think he's using his spotlight as McCain's lap dog in order to consolidate his conservative base ahead of reelection time. Is that dishonest? I don't know. I know plenty of people who believe in what we're doing in Iraq and plenty who think we're winning. I don't think all of them are stupid or dishonest. But... maybe both!