Monday, April 07, 2008

South Carolina; Fighting Hard For 50th

A couple of news stories about the SC state budget clearly define what is wrong with our state.

Fearing tight economic times, and trying to act in a proactive nature, the Senate has cut millions from the state education budget.

Details of the budget released Friday afternoon show spending eliminated or cut for young adult education, hydrogen research, computer systems at The Citadel and a College of Charleston science center.

This is a huge mistake. We can not afford to continue to cut our already grossly underfunded educational programs if we want want real long term economic growth here is SC. But what makes this action far more than the normal political stupidity we face, it is how these folks are handling their own pension program.

IT’S BAD enough that our part-time legislators want to sweeten up their uber-generous legislative pension system — the one they shouldn't even have to begin with, the one taxpayers subsidize at three times the rate we subsidize the pensions for career state employees, the one that lets legislators draw a larger state paycheck after they retire than they do while in office, and even lets them keep growing that pension at taxpayer expense even after voters kick them out of office.

But the House is poised not only to approve the plan this week, but to do so without a bit of debate. That would have happened on Thursday, but for a procedural delay. And the Senate might not be far behind.

Yep, 3 time the state contribution rate for real employees, higher pay upon retirement (or being voted out of office) and all done without debate, while cutting other vital programs because of 'tough time ahead'.

Disgusting, isn't it.



Snead said...

If we're gonna suck, might as well go balls out!

Meanwhile, two other pressing issues are lap dances and the site of high school football championships. Progress, baby.

John said...

Amen Sneed.

It's great to see them focus on the real urgent needs.

Anthony Palmer said...

At least folks in Columbia can get beer on Sundays now. Seems to be as celebrated as getting indoor plumbing...