Monday, May 05, 2008

Just Another Day In Bush's Americia

To make air travel safer in a post 9-11 enviroment the US government took a noumber of steps. Two of these steps were to increase the number of Air Marshels flying undercover and to expand the terrorsit watch list and to deny boarding to anyone who is on the list.

It seems that we have now merged the program, and are putting air marshaels on the no fly list.

"Federal Air Marshals (FAMs) familiar with the situation say the mix-ups, in which marshals are mistaken for terrorism suspects who share the same names, have gone on for years — just as they have for thousands of members of the traveling public," the Times reports, based on anonymous sources.

The paper says some planes have taken off without the undercover federal agents, who are supposed to protect the cockpit from hijackers and the like.

Just another day in paradise.


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