Tuesday, May 27, 2008

McCain; Needs The Cash, Not The Taint

John McCain has been trying to distance himself from George Bush. He seldom appears in the same place as the President, and tries to play up the minor differences he hold with the president's policy and actions. But, John's presidential champign is, as far as presidential canidates are concerned, dirt poor. He is so poor that he has to turn to the least popular modern president to help with his rather pathetic cash situation. As a result he will be holding fundraising events with George, including one in his home town, away from the public eye. Initially this event was to be a bit more public and have a higher profile than a traditional McCain fundraising event, but so few people were willing to pay to attend that they had to move the event to a smaller venue, and this is in McCain's home state.

George Bush is toxic. Even some republicans have grown to despise him. Yet McCain can not afford to stay away from the poison that our President has become. One of the major factors in the coming election will be the efforts of McCain to claim that his election will not mean four more years of George Bush, and the efforts of the Democrats to make it clear the McCain is just George Bush, with a nasty temper.

Seeing how this plays out will be interesting.



"Ms. Cornelius" said...

McCain is not George Bush. But he has grovelled before the juggernaut that is George Bush and his puppet masters far too often for my tastes. I used to admire his willingness to go his own way. But he abandoned that posture long ago, and it's a bit late now to convince me that he won't pull the same sort of bait and switch as "Mr. Compassionate Conservative" himself.

Anonymous said...

With a face like an old douche bag, it will be hard to get the younger voters to vote McCain