Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia, Russia and South Ossetia Part 2

One odd thing I have noticed in media reports from Georgia is the anger and fear of the Georgian population.

The fear is understandable, war should scare the hell out of rational human being. Anger too has it's place but where the Georgians are projecting has me a bit confused. The anger appears to be directed at the people of South Ossetia, Russia and the USA (the west).

I can fully understand the anger they feel to the people of South Ossetia. This is the root of the conflict, and if this had been resolved then there would be no war. In addition, they are understandably mad at the Russians for supporting South Ossetia in it's efforts to leave Georgia and for their current attacks on Georgia (a far less understandable position, since it was Georgia who attacked Russian troops). They are also mad at the west because we are not doing more to stop Russia from attacking them.

This is the one I find rather confusing. It was the government of Georgia who escalated this fight, apparently without consulting the west. To do this they had to attack the Russians who were acting as 'peacekeepers' in South Ossetia. Russia responded as any nation who's troops have been attacked and fought back. In addition this gave Russia the perfect excuse to use force of arms to achieve their political goals of weakening Georgia. If the facts of the case are as I understand them, this was a huge miscalculation on the part of the Government of Georgia, and most of the anger should be aimed driectlt at them.

Georgia walked up to the biggest guy on the beach and kicked sand in his face. Now that they have this guys attention, they want to run over and hide behind us. But because we have, so far, refused to beat this guy up for them, they are mad at us.

Sadly typical, but not very rational.



Progressio_Veritas said...

I am amazed that they are mad at us for not sending troops. Where are we going to pull them from? I mean honestly, has their leadership been paying attention? Our military could barely break up a bar fight in Berlin with how over stretched we are.

John said...

You are so right

Anonymous said...

So... if Mexicans in Southern California decided to "secede" from the United States, and the Mexican government sent "peacekeeping" troops in to protect them from U.S. prosecution (or persecution), the U.S. Government would be out of bounds to attack foreign troops on U.S. soil?

Georgia was well within her rights to attack any nations troops on her own soil.