Sunday, August 31, 2008

Graham (R-SC) Making A Fool Of Himself (Again)

Our Honorable Senator Graham is trying to defend the Republican VP choice by complaining about Obama's Senate attendance. There are only 2 problems with that:

1) He lies about Obama's absentee rate, claiming that it is over 50%, it isn't

2) His man, John McCain, has missed about 30 percent more Senate seasons than Obama.

At this point I tend to ask, is he dishonest or stupid, but with our man Graham it is a safe bet that he is both dishonest (he knows he is lying about Obama, but thinks it's OK) and stupid (did think about how this line of complaint would look when reflected onto his one candidate).

But I must admit, dishonest and stupid to seem to be a perfect combination for a Republican from South Carolina.

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