Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just A Quick Reminder

In all the media reporting about Russia's (and I agree totally unjustified) failure to leave Georgian lands, Russia's efforts to punish Georgia's military (justly this time) and the west's anger over the situation one little detail never gets mentioned.

Georgia not Russia was the initial aggressor.

Yes, in case you missed it, and if you have been getting your news from the US media there is very good chance that you did, little, abused, defenseless and misunderstood Georgia started this fight by attacking land that big ol' meanie Russia was protecting.

This little detail needs to be mentioned anytime someone talks about current affairs, and especially needs to be mentioned the prospect of Georgia being a member of NATO.

Just consider this, if Georgia had been a member of NATO 2 weeks ago, by treaty obligation the US, Canada and most of Europe's nations would now be a war with Russia because of one small nations minor miscalculation.


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Fertanish said...

Yes, thank you. I find it very concerning how we appear to be in a mentality that it is not only acceptable to be the aggressor, but to also support aggressors in military action.