Friday, March 02, 2012

Republicans sure hate women

As noted by Alternet:

1. "Sex-Crazed Co-Eds..."

2. "Lavishly contracepted."

3. "What do you expect from a woman driver?"

4. Women in the military should "expect" to be raped.

5. In my day, "gals" used to put an "aspirin between their knees" [for contraception].

6. Dana Loesch: Women already consented to be penetrated when they got pregnant.

7. Booing birth control at the GOP debate.

8. Democrats and Republicans sitting together is "like date rape."

9. My wife won't sleep with me because of this ultrasound provision.

10. and 11. And two bonus round comments. The Pope says couples who conceive using in vitro fertilization are arrogant while a DC blogger notes that lady journalists who are nice-looking in their Twitter avatars can't be serious.

I have no idea what it is Conservatives fear about women, but it is very clear fear them they do.


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