Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Congress Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

We are into day three of a bi-partisan congressional hissy-fit.

The Republican speaker of the House and the House Democratic leader, in an exceptional display of unity, escalated a constitutional confrontation with the Bush administration Wednesday over the FBI's weekend seizure of files from a congressional office.

The Bush administration can spy on US citizens, can start wars on false pretenses, can expose covert CIA agents, can allow energy companies to write their own tax policy, can allow drug companies to write their own drug policy, can offer billions in no bid shady contracts, can even lie to congress, and they don't care.

Let them try to actually do their job, and investigate a corrupt congressman, then they do get all upset. While the search may have violated tradition it may (and should) be legal. This Republican led congress has proven that it is incapable of investigating anything (DeLay as example). Since it is failing to do it's job, someone else has to step up and try to start to remove the corrupt from office.

I suspect that for many, the outrage is fueled, not by principal, but concern that their office may be next.


Had enough yet, the Green Knight ask congress.


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