Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Palin Knifes McCain

I hope John can get a little help getting that knife out of his back.

I am not real sure, but I don't think that it is proper etiquette to announce your intent to run for an office in the next election cycle while you are still supposed to be helping your candidate get elected to that position this year.

But, that is what McCain's lipsticked pitbull just did.

However, based on her past behavior, this should surprise no one. She did this on every step of her rise to the Governor House.



Grant Haws said...

I think I rather knife myself in the chest than endure another presidential election with Palin in the mix. If I see one more wink out her after November, it's going to get ugly.

Jon said...

I would love for her to fade away into the west, but suspect that is not in her nature.

How someone so dumb could get so much power is alarming and yet amusing in a slightly sick way