Monday, October 20, 2008

Voter Fraud Arrest In California

In light of the Acorn silliness, we have a real arrest for voter fraud.

State and local investigators allege that Mark Jacoby fraudulently registered himself to vote at a childhood California address where he no longer lives so he would appear to meet the legal requirement that all signature gatherers be eligible to vote in California. His firm, Young Political Majors, or YPM, collects petition signatures and registers voters in California and other states.

Now this is real voter fraud, trying to get a real person voting access in an area that they are not allowed to vote in. This is very very different that what Acorn is accused of doing. The funny thing is this guy was caught in this fraud in an effort to pull off a bigger fraud that is about as silly as what Acorn is being accused of.

He was accused of:

Jacoby's arrest by state investigators and the Ontario Police Department late Saturday came after dozens of voters said they were duped into registering as Republicans by people employed by YPM. The voters said YPM workers tricked them by saying they were signing a petition to toughen penalties against child molesters.

The firm was paid $7 to $12 for every Californian it registered as a member of the GOP

At it's base this is very like Acorn's work (person is paid per form filled out), except no one at Acorn has ever been arrested for Voter Fraud and there has yet to be any evidence of Acorn changed people party affiliation without their approval.

For our slightly slow folks on the right the only fraud that has been seen in the Acorn cases has been their employees trying to get paid when they have not done real work. This is fraud against Acorn, not fraud by Acorn. So, why does Acorn files these 'fake' forms? By law Acorn has no option but to submit the flawed forms even if they know they are fake (Mickey Mouse, Donald Trump, Al Coholic etc). They have even tried to work with the authorities by submitting suspect forms separately and looking at charging their staff members.

In addition, even if an bad employee some how gets Mickey Mouse registered to vote, Mickey still has to actually vote (or take other actions that having a voter registration is required for) for voter fraud to occur. Mickey being registered is not voter fraud. There is no evidence that this has or will be occurring.

It is a false flag, a lie, to distract from the real issues of the day.

But for those keeping score, the number of voter fraud cases this year, by political party:

Republicans 1
Democrats 0



Ra said...

You are either ignorant, misinformed or just randomly spouting untruths to further your candidates agenda. What he was arrested for was registering to vote in 06 and 07 and listing his parents address as his address which he claims was his address at the time.

Anonymous said...

That is still voter fraud, plain and simple, especally since he indicated other home addresses And work done in 2007 is for the 2008 election cycle.

The count presented here still holds Pukes 2+ events Dems 0

Ra said...

Has anyone checked to see what address is on his drivers liscense? If he travels alot and does not have a permanent residence as he says what address do you put in the spot for home address. I used to have a PO box for my mail and no physical address does that mean that I cannot vote or would be committing a felony by listing my mother's address as my physical address if it was my last permanent address? Come on you got to be joking!!!! Was just a political stunt with all those copes for a no violent criminal arrest. You make me laugh did all those people that registered 20 time at fraudulent addresses by Acorn get hauled in by a dozen cops?

Jon said...

Lets See.

The story (written Monday) indicated that he was arrested very recently. That appers to be curent and not old news.

As was pointed out above, his actions have involved work directed at this election period, so it is about this election.

Legal address is the question, but since the police have decided to arrest him for this and pujery there is al least reason to suspect that he has violated the law, and that is exactly what I said.

I suspect your ignorance and political agenda has blinded you to obvious truths like.

His actions were directed at this election, he has been arrested and he is going to court over this.