Thursday, October 16, 2008

Debate Review

McCain came out strong and aggressive. He seem to have a better command of the facts than he has has in the past, at least early on, and stayed on the attack. While he clearly lost his edge midway through, and his mannerisms became annoying, this was his best performance.

Despite this Obama 'won' easily. Snap polls taken over night and the focus groups sponsored by the networks all give the 4th debate, like the previous three, to the Democratic candidate.

2 1/2 weeks to go and Obama is clearly in the drivers seat. This means that the slime factory that is what John McCain's camp has become will kick up the nasty another couple of notches.



PV said...

Amazingly the drudge reports online poll has 72% of people saying McCain won the debate.

I thought that McCain might have finally had some success on rattling Obama. Obama looked tired and has been facing a non-stop barrage of attacks, but he held on to his calm. Obama stayed cool, and McCain looked a little spastic. When he moved, his movements were sudden, and when Obama spoke, he had a freakish grin and glean in his eyes. I feel like he felt he needed to look youthful and energetic, but to myself and several others, he looked extremely uncomfortable and out of place when he wasn't talking.

Jon said...

McCain did do the best job he has done so far, but it was still far short of Obama.

A poll on Drunge is always going to have a hard right tilt. The one item that struck me most as to how deep a hole McCain is now in, the sample group of undecides in Colorado started to laugh at some of McCains actions, and not a friendly laugh.

He best effort so far was a bust.

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