Tuesday, April 25, 2006

33 At Fox, 32 At CNN

The President's approval numbers are delightfully low. It looks like every day more people are jumping off the sinking ship that the Bush administration has become.

What is depressing is what many think is leading to this new dip in his approval.

Is it his domestic spying, his lies that led us to attack Iraq, his leaking of cherry picked data to defend his lies that led to the Iraq war, his use of torture and secret prisons, his failed handling of domestic disasters?

No, it appears to be the climbing gas prices that are the new driving force in the decline.

Of all the reasons to disapprove of this administration, this may be one of the least justified.

Yes, his administration, and his party, have been bought and paid for by big energy companies, yes he did turn over the development of our national energy policy to the very businesses that this policy was to address, yes he has approved billions in aid and tax breaks to these same big companies, who in 2005 earned over 100 billion in profits, and yes he these all do have some impact on the cost of gas.


the cost of our gas is something that the President has little short term control of.

A more effective policy, put in place 5 or 15 or 25 years ago would have made a difference. Promoting mass transit, hybrid cars, alternative fuels and a host of other programs could make a difference, if it had been in place for a decade or two. There is little he can do at this point that will make much difference.

The President made the decision to start to spy in the US without warrants, The President made the decision to hide prisoners in black holes around the would away from any legal protections, The President made the decision to invade Iraq, and leak to the media.

Yet, for some it is not the policies that led to the cost of gas, nor any of the other questionable actions he has taken, the cost of gas is the last straw.

At times I think there is very little hope for this nation.


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dancewater said...

I agree.

Today, someone left a paper on my desk about what kind of person you need to be to be called a Republican.

They totally don't get it that the Democrats are nearly as big a problem as the Republicans, and certainly are not the solution to any current problems we have.

Well, the Demos might do better at energy conservation and the environment, as long as they are careful not to piss off big business.

people in this country are so self-centered and short sighted.