Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tony Snow Accepts The Transfer

He will be leaving his post as unofficial administration apologist, to become the official head public liar.

President Bush announced his new White House press secretary on Wednesday: former Fox News host Tony Snow.

"As a professional journalist, Tony Snow understands the importance of the relationship between government and those whose job it is to cover the government," Bush said during a White House appearance.

It might be very entertaining to see how well he does at his new post. This can be a very difficult position, lying and obstructing day in and day out eats away the soul. As we saw with Scott, on some days it takes an amazing degree of determination to stand up and keep telling the lies.

This may be difficult for Tony. He has already started to whine and is getting very defensive about what people are saying about him. He considers it improper, and an indication of the decline in the level of politics, of course, he has yet to apologize about what he has said about others.


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