Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's All About How It Is Spun

Rush Limbaugh has reached an agreement with the florida authroities about his Doctor Shoping to get an illegal supply of drugs. He has agreed to reimburse the state for the cost of the investigation, and continue with his counseling.

In other words.

Rush is pleading guilty, will pay a fine, be on probation and has to go to drug re-hab.

Of course, damage control is everyting. So the news breaks on Friday night, and he soft sells the truth.



Jim Howard said...

You are mistaken. The fact is that Rush plead 'not gulity' to a single charge of doctor shopping, and the goverment will not contest this plea.

Anonymous said...

It is like PTI.

If you don't screw up, the charges go away, but it is an admission of guilt.

It may allow someone to spin it so it looks like you are not guilty, but there is a fine, court mandated restrictions, and a time frame where other criminal activity will bring these charges back.

Just like the Man at Duke, who has been accused of rape; the rape charge reactivated an older crime that was in the diversion process.

John said...


You are right the initial plea is not guilty, and if he follows all the diversion restrictions, pays his fine, pays his monthly fee to be in the program, and stays in drug re-hab, the charges will be dropped.


All that add up to, he is guilty