Thursday, November 16, 2006

Disgusting 'Christian' Behavior

Another Christian fundamentalist displays just how un-Christlike so many of them are.

Junior Matthew LaClair, 16, said history teacher David Paszkiewicz, who is also a Baptist preacher in town, spent the first week of class lecturing students more about heaven and hell than the colonies and the Constitution.

not only did he force his religious views on these kids, he also displayed is lack of fitness to work as a teacher.

Paszkiewicz didn't limit his religious observations to personal salvation, according to the tapes.

Paszkiewicz shot down the theories of evolution and the "Big Bang" in favor of creationism. He also told his class that dinosaurs were on Noah's ark, LaClair said.

So, what is the most unchristian aspect of his behavior?

At first, Paszkiewicz denied he mixed in religion with his history lesson, and the adults in the room appeared to be buying it, LaClair said. But then he reached into his backpack and produced the CDs.

When caught, he tried to lie about it and blame the kid.



trenchy said...

Now that figures. I got a "B" from once from one of those bastards... oh, and I'm still pissed.

Anonymous said...

A hypocritical "Christian." What a surprise.