Monday, November 27, 2006

We Had A Wonderful Thanksgiving

at my house. We were kept busy, and on the road, but it was very nice

We hosted an out of town guest. They wanted to see the Biltmore House, so we took them up on Wednesday. We went to visit the In-laws on Sullivans Island for Thanksgiving lunch, then came home for dinner. Friday was the empty the attic day for Christmas decorating, and Saturday was spent watching a little football and doing a little local sightseeing with our guest.

All in all a pleasant 5 day holiday.

While I did work to avoid watching the news, I do understand that in Iraq (and other parts of SW Asia), it wasn't quite as lovely.



Duck Hunter said...

We have not been to the Biltmore house yet. It's worth the trip up there?

Found your blog looking for others in S. Carolina. I'm in the upstate.

John said...

Biltmore is very interesting.

The christmas visits are expensive and not the best value (from my point of view), but the less costly seasons are worth the money.

Do visit the winery, and be sure to plan on having lunch or dinner on site, the restraunts are very good.

Thanks for the visit